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Curt grew up smack in the middle of our great nation, in Lincoln, Nebraska. At a young age he grabbed his mom's acoustic guitar and learned how to play with the help of her Beatles and John Denver song books.

As a teenager, Curt directed, filmed and starred in home-made movies with his brother Randy. They would lip-sync and act out stories to the songs of the Beatles. Curt also wrote songs for musicals that he would perform with his cousins during summer vacations.

Curt and Randy started The String Beans in 2004. After many months of writing songs and practicing in their grandparents' basement, the brothers took their gig on the road. Together they have written and recorded more than 100 songs!

In 2012, Curt wrote a Star Wars musical comedy entitled A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Death Star. It has won awards at Fringe Festivals in Minneapolis and Kansas City, and it's been performed at schools and community theaters across Nebraska.

In 2018 Curt became a grandpa, which is hard to believe because he's so young and silly acting. Be sure to give Curt a big HIGH FIVE when you see him!

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