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This counterfeit cowboy likes to get up-close and personal. He sings and scoots around with the kids while passing out prizes. Randy has written a hat-full of Beans songs over the years and adds a little extra percussion with his shaker and tambourine.

As a kid, Randy built tree houses with his brother Curt, jumped his bike over hand-made ramps and wanted to be a paleontologist (dinosaur digger-upper) just like his uncle Larry.

Randy is a graphic designer and illustrator. He has written and illustrated two activity books for children. One is about jazz trumpeter Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong, and the other about President Abraham “Abe” Lincoln.

Randy and his wife have three grown kids. Most of his song ideas were from his own personal parenting experiences. Randy also has a spoiled Scottie-Terrier- Schnauzer-Beggar-mixed dog named Abby. Dogs rule!

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